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Low Carb Loaded Mashed “Potatoes”

More like "fauxtatoes" as we call them here. This is the 2nd post created for the Ketofy My Favs challenge. This challenge was unexpectedly super quick and easy, especially with the sheer amount of store-bought options available these days. What's in Low Carb Loaded Mashed "Potatoes"? Bacon, cheddar cheese, sour cream, some chives, other misc… Continue reading Low Carb Loaded Mashed “Potatoes”

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Low Carb Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

This post kicks off the first week of our Ketofy My Favs challenge! And challenge this most certainly was - we tried several recipes and then tried tweaking those recipes to our tastes and eventually threw in the towel and decided to just write our own recipes. We'll call these biscuits a work-in-progress (as most… Continue reading Low Carb Buttermilk Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

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Keto Cheesy Fauxtatoes: Rutabaga Style

My quest for a low carb potato replacement continues! Today we have rutabaga-in-disguise. If potatoes and cabbage had a huge stinky-sweet baby, it would be rutabaga. Jump to Cheesy Fauxtatoes Recipe Once you start carving up this ginormous root vegetable (a labor of love btw), the aroma will punch you in the face. Hard. And… Continue reading Keto Cheesy Fauxtatoes: Rutabaga Style

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Keto Friendly Zucchini Lasagna

There's a VERY good reason Zucchini Lasagna became a staple in our lives the last 2.5 years - it's *delicious*. You 100% do not miss the noodles, they truly were just empty filler. Who knew?! We've seen many similar keto lasagna recipes out there but this is how we do it in our busy household,… Continue reading Keto Friendly Zucchini Lasagna

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Easy Keto Cheese Bread

Did you know that you can create low carb "bread" out of just 2-3 ingredients? Most people in the low carb community call it fathead dough*, but there are thousands of variations out there. All of them have the same base: cheese. What can you make out of cheese bread? SO. MUCH. Pizza crusts, rolls,… Continue reading Easy Keto Cheese Bread