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Giving Thanks Keto Style

Grateful feels and a stretchy waistband. You know EXACTLY what I'm talkin' bout, right? Anyone who knows me well, knows I used to absolutely dread Thanksgiving and honestly, it's still my least favorite holiday. Except for the food. It's always been a break from the everyday dietary routine, a much needed break from work or… Continue reading Giving Thanks Keto Style

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Low Carb Pasta!

Who doesn't love pasta? While I had a massive amount to say about bread in my previous post, the pasta options below are a little more straight forward. Not for a lack of variety or availability, but moreso that homemade low carb pasta can be quite the challenge compared to bread - especially if you… Continue reading Low Carb Pasta!

Casseroles, Comfort Food, Keto Friendly, Recipes

Autumn Keto Comfort Food

Comfort food means something different to everyone but one thing's for certain - it's usually a carbfest ready and waiting with open arms. Most of my life that comfort came from some variety of mac & cheese. For my husband, peanut butter and honey sandwiches or toast with Bovril are the best remedy for, well,… Continue reading Autumn Keto Comfort Food